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Mojca Zove (previously Mars) is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads.

She's the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign. She recently launched The Science of Facebook Ads, an in-depth course on how to consistently generate leads and sales with Facebook Ads.

She's an international speaker. She appeared on MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz and others.  

The whole interview is worth listening to. You’ll get some interesting bits on:

  1. How Mojca doubled her income twice in the period of two years
  2. Catching new trends - FB ads in Mojca case
  3. Helping your target clientele and adding value to them
  4. How to spend your money on FB ads
  5. The ideal social media platform
  6. FB ads sales funnel


The agency that Mojca worked for stuck to their old ways and got taken away when then rest of the world moved to digital. Obviously this is only if curiosity leads you there.

The clients are your best compass

Mojca started focusing on more Facebook ads because her clients were looking services related to optimising their ads on Facebook.

You can learn almost anything online

Most of what Mojca learnt came from scouring the web for anything that would help her get better at her craft.

Join a mastermind group :

It helps you get a highly motivated set of peers. Also you are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with so mastermind groups definitely help with this aspect.

How Mojca doubled her income twice

  1. Underpromising and overdelivering helped double Mojca income.
  2. Niching down

Add as much value as you can to people interested in your services

Be on podcasts around your niche, help people as much as possible by sharing your expertise through content or webinars . Share tactics and tricks that will add value to peoples live.

All of this helps your future clients trust you more as they warm up towards buying your services

FB ad funnel

Reroute people to content that adds value to their lives. Never sell services directly, its like knocking on somones door and telling them to buy your service.

Then retarget a lead magnet ad to everyone that read the article initially, and if they find value they will sign up. From there, you can spend time on warming them up for your service via email.

When it comes to offer services, everything is about trust.

People need to trust you to purchase your services. They won’t give you any money without trusting you to your capabilities.

Start by growing or strengthening that trust before your pitch them your service.

Work with business only if you think you bring positive results.

Be very picky on who you work with and make sure that if you pick a client, you can really add a lot of value to their business.

Which social media platform is ideal ?

Platforms are all incredibly different and it depends on how strong your presence is already and what type of business you do. If your brand is visual and more personal - Facebook/Instagram works best

If you're on the tech side twitter might be a better option / opportunity. Real time communications also twitter works well

Linkedin is quite powerful too.

Dos and Don't of FB ads

Don't launch a purchase campaign trying to sell your services especially if you're new and if the audience is cold.

Driving cold traffic to your webpage, then retargeting your visitors to a lead magnet and then getting in touch with them via email is the best way to acquire customers.
At the end of the day, it comes down to experimentation.

Don't go all in from the start. If you're budget is a 1000$ don't start off by spending a 100$ on a campaign. Spend 5-10 dollars a day. Experiment and learn how well your traffic is converting based on the audience.

Establish trust with the first person. Its all about value you provide. If the initial piece you drove them to adds value, they will warm up to other content and signing up to your list.

Any kind of value to your target audience in terms of what you sell, that’s where the moneys at.

People forget we buy things because fo trust. Services especially.

Fb is super powerful for targeting

Lookalike audience is the best bet, audiences that are built based on your warm audiences. Upload a list on fb. Fb will share It with similar profiles.

If you have no pre existing audience, use audience insight tools, and then look for the biggest brands based on interest and then use competitors for targeting.

If you guys are curious and want to learn more, Mojca's blog is an amazing place to go into more depth.

So conclusion, start with some value, maybe blog post or video. Warm up the cold cold traffic. The provide some sort of package/deal to capture the email -advertise a free trial as a software business, webinars, book. Then you can share your service via email or ads

If you guys want to learn more, sign up for Mojca's 7 day ads course

One thing Mojca would have done differently if she could to start again ?

Selling my own products. I regret not having it done sooner. My authority after writing the ebook strengthened.

One thing that had an outsized impact on your freelance career ?

Taking time our for myself

Dont burnout - Taking time off - Jason Zookeeper’s

Books and courses

  1. Double Your Freelancing by Brennan Dunn
  2. 30 X 500 - Amy Hoy and Alex Hilman
  3. Essentialism - Greg McKeown
  4. The Power of Habits

One thing you could do right after the podcast that'll help up your game

Run the two step FB ads funnel. Put an FB pixel in your webpage, launch a traffic campaign to your blog post and retarget all of that traffic to a valuable lead magnet.

The best place to learn the whole strategy in detail would be here