Freelance fish

Are you a freelancer who goes from one project to the other, working on any odd job that comes up in your industry?

Most freelancers don't make the jump to the consulting territory because they continue to do any job they find. It's easier to do that than spend time on introspection and figure which area they'd like to specialize in.

This is fine in the early days of freelancing, but if you'd like to advance your career, which means more pay and more fulfilling work, you'll have to solve harder more specialized problems at some point.

The challenge though is that its a risky transition. You have to not only stop doing everything you do for a bit but also figure out outreach, connect the dots from past project, build out a better landing page, you need to do a cold outreach campaign and the list goes on.

I'm already sweating thinking of all the tasks involved.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone helped you in the process?


But wouldn't it be amazing if someone took care of this whole process for you.

Okay, here's the deal

We're going to help one lucky freelancer become a specialized consultant and also help them find a client who pays them double their current average hourly rate.

We'll help them double their income for doing the same amount of work.

  1. Figure out whom you work with the best and what the most expensive problem is that you can help them solve.
  2. Help you design a service offering specific to whom you help best, that outlines exactly how you are going to help them.
  3. Find clients who fit your target audience, reach out to them to find out if they would pay to solve the problem you can help them with.

Can any freelancer apply?

It needs to be a high-value skill like design, copywriting or development. And a few years of experince at least. Commoditised skills like virtual assistants will be harder to specialize in.

Here's the link to apply.

Why can't you do this yourself?

You can and you're more than welcome to. There's tons of content out there to help with exactly this.

We're also going to draft the whole process down so that you can do it yourself.

But there are a lot of people out there that either procrastinate or need a sounding board and mentoring in the process.

We help catalyze the process.

Why is this important?

Well, I've not met a person to date who's regretted specializing. They get paid more while doing the same amount of work.

But it's not all about the pay. Sure, money does play a role but there's a difference between solving generic problems and harder more expensive problems.

Fulfillment. Respect. Authority. More referrals. Higher quality clients. Higher quality work. People value your work more. Your work generally has a higher impact. All of these are somethings that come out of the top of my head.

It's more fulfilling to help people solve such problems.

Once you break through that barrier and land your first client as a specialized consultant, life gets much better. You do work that pays more, its more fulfilling and your work is making an impact on the client's life.

What makes us different?

Most people on the internet preach how you can do it. We respect a lot of these people.

Some of them being very helpful but we think the knowledge is great and all but it takes much more energy, time and effort to convert that into action. That's where most people who desire change get stuck.

That's where we come in. We take action on behalf of you.

We'd rather get our hands dirty and help you get to the end goal.

How can you guarantee double the income ?

We are confident that there are enough expensive problems in the world. If you can help a business make or save money, you're doing them a favor.

All we have to do is search for those businesses where the impact you'll have will be significant.

The goal during outreach would be to find such clients. We like win-win deals. We will search for clients who are going to benefit from your services.

We believe we can double the income as  a lower bound and we'd like to push the contract value as high as we can.

Why are we doing this ?

A few reasons.

  1. Instead of just writing content and helping people with content, we want to solve an expensive problem by doing
  2. We want to apply whatever we've learned while producing content at freelancefish to real life.
  3. We also think most freelancer know what needs to be done, but just need someone to push them.
  4. Our expertise in outreach can benefit someone else.
  5. We'd also  document the whole process and post it on the blog, so that anyone can take actionable advice and apply it to their own practice.
  6. We believe its a win-win service.

So what now ?

We're taking in applications until Nov 24th. After which, we will choose one lucky winner and help them with specialization and positioning. Here is the application link.

By the end of it, the winner will have a contract that pays them at least double their current rate. But we'd like to push this number as much as possible.

We are also going to document your entire journey as a case study for others to learn.

Sounds fantastic. What's the catch ?

No catch.

We'll take 30% off your first invoice. That's our incentive to spend time on this.

Is 30% a one-time fee?

Yes, we take a 30% cut of your first contract with your client. 10% for any future contracts if you want to continue with our outreach services.

What's included?

1. You'll get 5 hours of one on one sessions for help with specialization

2. Research for finding an expensive problem space.

3. Help you with landing page copy. We'll help you generate better copy for your landing page by looking at it through the lens of the client.

4. Find a high-value client contract for you. Once you pick an expensive problem and a narrow focus, we'll search for the 30 or so potential clients in that field.  We'll also send out outreach emails.

Here's the link to apply.

What then?

Post that, you'll be handling all project-related activities until deliverable. We can also help you get a testimonial at the end of the project.

We prefer to represent ourselves as your secretary. This helps us transition in and out easily once the project starts.

The client would also trust you more considering you have a personal secretary as a freelancer.

If you'd like more help in the future with outreach, we'll do the work, finding you a contract and take 10% of the contract value as fees. This helps you stay focused at what you do best.

Who is this for?

We'd like the help of an intermediate freelancer who has 2-4 years of experience with their craft and a portfolio of projects to show for it. This helps us connect the dots better and understand where you can specialize.

If someone has years of experience in their craft and wants to make the switch to freelancing, we can help them too but the learning curve will be more significant for them.

Where is this happening ?

The program will be remote, so you can apply from anywhere in the world.

Here's the link to apply.


There are many variables at play and things may not go as planned. Here are some risks that we've noted down.

  • Your current  experience doesn't lead us to an expensive problem  that you can solve.
  • We don't find a specialization - expensive problem fit for you
  • You don't like the clients that we find for you

The great part about this is you have nothing to lose.

  • You can continue to work on your current projects until we get you a high-value project. We will spend a few hours a week together.
  • We'll actively work on finding your next client so that you don't have to worry about it.
  • You get help with specialization and positioning


1.What happens if I don't want to work with the client you found me?

Great question. This should generally come up when we start the specialization problem. The business problems that a tobacco company has is very different from a business problem a software company has.

If we decide to pick a niche, and you make a decision to work in that niche then the client shouldn't be an issue.

We can avoid picking any niche that you're not keen on specializing in.

But this needs to happen before we start outreach to clients.

We'll be reaching out as your secretary so your reputation is on the line.

2. Will you give me a menu of 30K projects to chose from?

No. First we decide on your specialization based on the expensive problem. We then pitch your services to potential clients that would find your solution very beneficial.

If the client responds affirmatively, we'll stop reaching to others and lock the deal.

3. If you take 30% upfront, how do I feed myself till I get to the second milestone?

This really depends on how the client prefers to pay.

We generally prefer to be paid upfront for our services, so we will ask the client to clear the invoice in advance.

If he isn't comfortable with that, we will take 15% off the first payment and 15% off the second payment if we pick milestone-based payments.

4. What happens if the company breaks it off midway through the project? Refuses to pay me, etc?

There are multiple scenarios that could go wrong in any project, even the ones you take part in.

If the company breaks off the project, we won't be able to do much. We can help you find another project but we'll take a 10% cut for finding that project.

For not getting into payment-related snags, we will work on getting the client to pay you at least 50% at the start of the project. Or we will recommend milestone-based payments with some sort of advanced payment

5. Do I have to pay anything upfront?

Yes. We'll be taking a 1000 dollar refundable security deposit. This is to ensure that you don't leave us in the middle of the process. We'll use a payment service that will refund the money if we breach the contract, so you won't have to worry about us running away with the funds.

Interested? Apply here.